Glass Shelving

    Glass Shelving, and glass made to order is what we do. Our glass shelves Come in a variety of shapes and sizes, 6mm thick glass is what we normally use as the 6mm glass is toughened safety glass and is very strong.

    We supply 8mm thick glass and 10mm glass also we can do the grey glass and bronze glass for glass shelving there very much in fashion at the moment.

    What is also very popular at the moment is corner glass shelves, We can customise the glass shelf to suit your needs, whether you are wanting a traditional rectangle glass shelf, glass shelving for alcoves, or designer glass shelf custom made just for you.

    Bespoke glass shelves, let you choose what style of glass shelving that you are wanting. Our glass shelving can be as long as 3000mm The glass shelves are very translucent, if they were going to be put in the bathroom there very hygienic and easy to clean. All our glass shelving are made in the United kingdom. And meets all safety aspects. We deliver all our glass shelves to your home or business.